One Hideaway presents amazing hideaways around the world — 34nord, a liveable design apartment, a total experience where everything from tableware to floors and art are for sale.

Recognizing the need is the basic 
condition for design

    - Charles Eames


One Hideaway is a brand new concept launching idyllic hideaways around the world for overnight guests. One Hideaway presents as the first in a series of amazing hideaways a liveable design apartment in Hellerup just north of Copenhagen, 34nord. The apartment welcomes guests into a space where design, materials and art challenges today`s showroom concept as the apartment serves as a fully equipped home for overnight guests. The products are given new life by being seen and used in an integrated context while creating a unique hotel experience. It is possible to experience the genesis and history behind the products as well as add new dimensions to the things we surround ourselves with. One Hideaway is a total experience where everything from tableware to floors and art are for sale by request. The next hideaway to come is a beautiful, rustic luxury villa located in Mallorca.  



The target group for One Hideaway is national and international first movers. The hideaways will each be introduced to more than 3000 users and targeted against buyers within art-and design articles from around the world. On basis of this segmentation, One Hideaway is marketed as a modern sales platform, a concept where all interior and materials can be purchased by request while offering an enjoyable stay and an over-all experience.   



The team behind One Hideaway consists of first movers within their field and they understand how to position themselves on a dynamic market. They are specialists within the experience economy and have over the last 15 years been the force behind several exciting projects in Denmark as well as abroad. The combination of innovation and experience creates the setting for a brand new concept – a concept you know have the possibility to be a part of.


Who is in

A significant part of the concept behind One Hideaway is founded in a fundamental idea that materials are given new life when being seen in context with other elements. At the same time One Hideaway is able to offer suppliers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other design personalities. We address leading partners within flooring, lightning, art vases and appliances in order to create an original and complete aesthetic expression. Not only will this bring new life to the material but also help each brand strengthen their identity by being marketed with other high value brands.