Based in Copenhagen, APERIE is a design brand with a conscience, dedicated to creating unique expressions by fusing style ethics. From office supplies to the soft blankets keeping us warm in the winter, APERIE guarantees high quality products made from exclusive natural materials such as leather, wood, organic cotton and fine Alpaca wool. APERIE is a global company, but their line of products is rooted in the renowned Scandinavian design traditions they have inherited, emphasizing functionality and minimalism as key elements. While the products are proudly designed in the North, they are ultimately inspired and made by the whole world. The production is located in developing countries, and by choosing APERIE you are ensured a product made from exclusive natural materials, carefully crafted by skilled suppliers. The materials have been chosen for their unique qualities and timeless expressions, which will be life companions to the people who treat and care for them properly.


Aperie for 34nord


Aperie is the new kid on the block within sustainable Nordic design. The high quality products are both classy and functional and suit nord34 perfectly. Behind the brand is a young team, already making a great difference. Their mission is to develop into a leading sustainable company with international endeavours, offering high quality products with a conscience.