Become a partner

One Hideaway`s concept is based on the possibility to combine materials in a new and optimal context – gathering a spectrum of relevant suppliers. This requires a collaboration driven by the desire and commitment to be a part of a brand new experience.


Selection of suppliers for the specific hideaways will be done in collaboration with a trustee team and the selection of design will be done with basis in Scandinavian design values. Suppliers of elements for the hideaways will mainly be representatives from the Scandinavian design tradition as they are highly valued outside Denmark and therefore have international potential. The approach will for national guests be the opportunity to experience inspiring compositions, which allow the visitors to deepen themselves in innovative design.


Unique possibilities

At One Hideaway we expect our partners to contribute with the best from their line of products as well as have the desire to be a part of a high profile concept. In return suppliers get access to brand new marketing opportunities involving direct contact to relevant buyers and a focused usage of relevant media platforms.


One Hideaway`s website will be the platform from where all communication regarding tenants and product information are handled. In addition to this platform an online shop is established based on a dropshipping agreement with the partners. Users can then browse and buy the designs from the different hideaways that they have fallen in love with during their stay.


Besides primary marketing on One Hideaway`s website, the concept will be branded through relevant blogs and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The objective is to get pictures and styles from the hideaways circulating on the Internet. Journalists, bloggers and stylists will be invited to experience the concept on their own. So far 34nord will furthermore be used as location for photo shoots and launch events for stylists and bloggers as an opportunity to profile their personal brand.


Suppliers can expect professional showcase pictures from the specific hideaway, which they can use for promotional purposes in relevant medias targeting business stakeholders.


Partner expectations


One Hideaway Hotel expects following from its partners;


  •  Brief presentation text of brand & product for PR use

  •  Contact person regarding sales- & dropshipping agreement (webshop)

  •  Partner & product information for webshop purposes

  •  Supplementation of products according to agreement

  •  Terms for period of use is agreed separately depending on the type of product

  •  All agreements are binding for a year but negotiated individually

  •  Wanted relevant journalist, stylist and bloggers visiting the apartment

  •  Primarily Scandinavian design chosen by OHA’s design board




General information - 34nord

  •  The apartment can maximum be booked for 2-3 weeks at a time

  •  Insurance covering theft, water damage & fire – however not simple theft

  •  Smoking is not allowed in the apartment

  •  The apartment is suitable for 1-2 persons for over night stays 

  •  The apartment can be booked directly through OHA as well as professional  booking platforms

  •  Price: DKK 1.000 – 1.800 depending on booking period

  •  Safety: The apartment is equipped with fire alarms, fire distinguisher and a first  aid kit


Partner opportunities


The benefits of being a partner are listed below;

  • Publicity in 2-4 Danish magazines

  •  Publicity in 1-3 international magazines

  •  10-20 relevant lifestyle guests will be able to stay at the specific hideaway

  •  Product showcase on

  •  Professional photo showcase for partner use

  •  Partner presentation on website and social media and in the hideaway

  •  Opportunity to invite bloggers & lifestyle journalists to stay at the hideaway

  •  Partner prices on overnight stays at OHA

General information - Coco Des Boc


  •  The villa can maximum be booked for 2-3 weeks at a time

  •  Insurance covering theft, water damage & fire – however not simple theft

  •  Smoking is not allowed

  •  The villa is suitable for 10-12 persons for over night stays 

  •  The villa can be booked directly through OHA as well as professional booking platforms

  •  Price: DKK 3.725 – 4.200 depending on booking period

  •  Safety: The villa is equipped with fire alarms, fire distinguisher and a first aid kit