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Authentic Spanish surroundings and rooms furnished with exclusive Scandinavian design

Coco Des Boc is located in Mallorca in a beautiful, rustic luxury house surrounded by the best bits of Spain, landscapes, mountains, valleys and a beach just near by with crystal clear blue water, all of it under the warm southern sun. Coco Des Boc offers a truly authentic experience of Spain. With its indoor kitchen, large living room, bathroom and five bedrooms the house opens up for many opportunities.

Coco Des Boc has several acres of land including a courtyard, three terraces, an outdoor kitchen, a yoga area, a swimming pool where you can relax during your day and a large orchard from where you can supply your day with all kinds of tasteful fruit and the same goes for the olive- and almond trees.

This idyllic Spanish landmark is completely off the grid and you will therefore have the pleasant opportunity to experience a self-sufficient living. With its authentic Spanish surroundings and rooms furnished with exclusive Scandinavian design, Coco Des Boc offers a unique living experience.

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