Haganes is a family farm I North Iceland, located in one of the few natural eider duck habitats on earth. For four generations they have specialized in the art of collecting eiderdown, and turning it into premium duvets. Eiderdown is lighter and finer than goose or duck down, and is designed by nature for Arctic weather conditions. Eiderdown offers perfect heat insulation that will naturally adjust to your body temperature, giving you perfect sleep comfort all year around. A Haganes duvet is filled with 100% eiderdown and it`s a rare luxury only few people will ever experience, as the down is very rare. Should you be fortunate enough to ever try one, you will understand why eiderdown is known as the gold of Iceland.


Haganes for 34nord


Haganes is the golden goose of 34nord. These pure Icelandic eiderdown duvets are not only our golden goose, but indeed the gold of Iceland as well. Due to the rareness of the soft eiderdown feathers, the down is yearly priced. The eiderdown ensures you perfect body temperature, an amazing sleep and can be experienced at 34nord.   

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