Hästens is committed to improving people`s quality of life. People sleep for approximately one third of their lives, but far too often their quality of sleep is compromised. At Hästens their mission is to change the way people think about- and prioritise sleep so they can enjoy a better quality of life. This is why the people behind Hästens have been refining their craft since 1852. Creating the world`s best bed is based on true passion, uncompromising dedication, a love of the craftsmanship, and nothing but the finest natural materials. It is in the absolute conviction that Hästens provides the deepest, healthiest and most profound sleep.


Hästens for 34nord


Rumour has it that the famous beds from Hästens are the world`s best. We are very excited for our guests to try this miracle of a bed. Enjoy a heavenly night`s sleep.