Luceplan & Modular


The Italian brand Luceplan and the Belgium brand Modular are well known producers of high-end luminaries. Luceplan has a wide range of decorative lamps designed by world famous designers and architects. The collection from Modular consists of highly technical products based on the latest LED technology. The beautiful designs of the architectural portfolio from both companies are dedicated to accentuate objects in any given space. With the combination of both Luceplan and Modular, the people behind are able to deliver a uniform look or a more spiced interior to meet your needs. Throughout the years, they have designed lightning solutions in offices, lounge areas, hotels, restaurants, shops, showrooms, private residences and outdoor areas. Whether an existing building or a project, they combine their strong knowledge of the external design with that of the inside technology. The process begins with a client meeting. Regardless of whether the client is an end-user, an installer, an architect or an interior designer, you together meet the expectations of the involved parties and a lightning project is initiated. As an end result, the client is provided with a space that is illuminated to perfection and which meets the functional needs as well as secures a healthy working or living environment. 


Luceplan & Modular for 34nord


Luceplan and Modular always surprise and challenge the way we think about lightning. These masters of luminaries are among the few of our collaborations from abroad. We proudly welcome Luceplan & Modular at 34nord.